Thursday, November 24, 2011

A very Happy Thanksgiving indeed...

So many Choices, so little time!
We had a great get together today, we had out of town family, and the neighbor came down (to the holler as she calls it) it was a great time...

Still can not believe we were able to get 17 people in the Saloon all at once!

We served in a buffet style
Good food, drink, and company

My Crazy Uncle and Cousin 

Homemade Sangria and mixers...

We had enough food for an army!
After Dinner, we did a little target shooting

And a small skeet competition on who is going to make tacos tomorrow.

It was an amazing day, we all had a great time. Now back to reality have to be at the big orange by 4am tomorrow, so I better get off the 'puter and get to sleep... Hope everyone in blog land also had a good turkey day, and remembered to take a moment and give thanks for all their blessings.