Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking some time to decompress

It's been crazy busy at work this past week. The whole month at the big orange is dedicated to our cashiers, with a Gold Cup contest on theme, decoration and costumes. Then we have a contest in the store to see who is the best at speed and accuracy. We also have a couple of games like a scavenger hunt where they have ten minutes to find and gather a dozen items from the store... Sounds like fun huh? Did I mention we had to do all this in the same week? Add to that me fighting some kinda funk the past week and I'm beat!
So beat in fact that I stayed home today. Not sure if it was the 20 hr day yesterday, or the lack of sleep the past two, or the pizza and fudge I had last night before bed, but I feel like the bottom of someone's boot going through a steamy pile of road apples... So I took the day off work, curled up in a comfy chair and read... That was until I was asked to help little one with a science project for school. Today she is learning about matter. So we took a little walk to a canyon on the property, and went rock hunting. We found some iron, quartz, sandstone, some small jars for air and water, and put them in a box. Sounds like fun huh.
Well, she had fun learning what matter is and that is what really is important... Now back to my comfy chair and get back to my book. I am feeling a little better, the nice 12 hr sleep last night did the most help I'm sure. Not to mention the homemade soup the wife made...

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