Friday, September 9, 2011

Waited all summer...

...For thunderstorms, and they have all tracked to the east and west around our little piece of earth. Tonight we are enjoying mid 70 degrees, wind, a light show to the east, and the smell of rain... But I doubt we are going to get any measurable water here.
Maybe that means it will be a wet winter...

On the home front, we started to do some clean up today, moving a pile of 2x12-16 lumber from the buildings out to the far side of the compound. We also took our tractor into town, for a bit of work, and so that we can get some things done on the parents property. Going to move some vehicles around also, switching some things up. Going to be putting some cars up for sale in the near future, so look out for our Craiglist's post, gonna offer up a great bug-out vehicle.

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