Monday, July 18, 2011

Mid July...

It is/was a hot one today. Well into the triple digits, the humidity has been out of control. Last night the cloud cover kept the heat in and it never dropped below 85. Today the humidity stayed around the 25-30% range, making it very hot and sticky. Even under a fan it's hot! I expect this in August, but not in July, I really hope this isn't a trend!

On another note, I had a chance to talk to an old-timer about the ostrich that was spotted on our road. I found out that a couple of years ago down the road someone was raising ostriches. The county ran them off for not having an approved septic system. When they left, they turned the ones they could not sell loose. So from time to time they are spotted around our area. Who knew they could survive in Mohave County?

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