Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two new "furbabies" at the ranch this week...

After all the turmoil of the weekend, we contacted an interesting puppy breeder in the area, who breeds Lab's with Wolfs. We decided to adopt two pups, one 3mo and the other 4mo old. The 3mo old is 50 percent white wolf, the 4mo old is 50 percent red wolf.

They seem to be fitting in really well today. Our 4yr old lab is really warming up to them, even played tug-a-war with the pair, her fav. game. Only problem we have is with the one pup that survived the porcupine. She is not jiving with the new pups at all. Growls, runs away, just not willing to get along... She's had a rough weekend, so we hope she gets over it.

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