Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two new "furbabies" at the ranch this week...

After all the turmoil of the weekend, we contacted an interesting puppy breeder in the area, who breeds Lab's with Wolfs. We decided to adopt two pups, one 3mo and the other 4mo old. The 3mo old is 50 percent white wolf, the 4mo old is 50 percent red wolf.

They seem to be fitting in really well today. Our 4yr old lab is really warming up to them, even played tug-a-war with the pair, her fav. game. Only problem we have is with the one pup that survived the porcupine. She is not jiving with the new pups at all. Growls, runs away, just not willing to get along... She's had a rough weekend, so we hope she gets over it.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick pic of the 2 new pups...

Here is quick pic of the pups at their previous home. They are the two on the left, Justice and Bandit.

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New ranch dogs?

Well, we replaced the poor dog we lost on Saturday night, with two wolf/lab mix puppies... Not sure if I would call them dogs or not, but they are gonna fit the bill... Hope they stay around for awhile...

Pics soon to come...

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not a good day...

Well tonight started off nice enough. Went on a walk with the daughter and one of her friends who is staying over tonight for a birthday weekend. As always we had the four pups with us, watching as they ran around... Once back at the house, one pup showed up, with what looked like a mouth full of cactus quills. We quickly went to work pulling a dozen from her mouth, when the second pup came up looking like a damn pin cushion! I have never seen that many sharp things coming out of an animal. We quickly got the kids settled down, the neighbor came over, and we started calling the local vet. Turns out that it would cost $1100 per dog to be seen, and if the one was indeed that bad, she would not likely make it. Upon closer inspection we found out that they were not cactus quills, but actually quills from a damn porcupine! Hell I didn't even know we had them! So we spent the next several hours pulling quills from one dog, attempted the second, but quickly lost hope, she was having a hard time breathing, and could not even open her mouth... Long sad story, we ended up losing one of our pups tonight.

Still haven't told the little one, I'm trying to come up with a good way to do it. Always imagined that it would be a snake, mountain lion, something really nasty, that would take one of our dogs, never would imagine this would happen...

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Now for the fun stuff....

Came home to find the bar painted a nice green... Looks nice! Goes with the theme very well!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not much time to work...

We spent most of this three day weekend in Vegas, but we did have time to put the bar in place. All we need to do is mill a bar edge, and install the tile top. Then its open for buisness...

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Work day...

I realize its been awhile since I posted last. Construction has been slow, just a few things here and there, but maintenance continues. Like today, starting with the goat pen.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just hanging out...

Just took the day and relaxed. Made some great food, watched some movies, read a bit, listened to the radio, just had an all around good day.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

First get together

Had some friends and family out yesterday, and had a chance to break in the Saloon. Made some chilli, had a few drinks, played a few games... It was nice. Been a while since we've had enough room to sit around with people, and not have to be outside.

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