Thursday, December 2, 2010

The happening at the ranch...

Been kinda busy out in the sticks, I've had to work every other day the past two weeks, so Its been non-stop activity for the me. We've completed the roof on the saloon and the porch. We've also hooked up the wood stove, and finished the floor. In the house we've completed the wiring for our flat panel LCD TV and DVD player (been 18 months since we've used our TV, and unless we run a generator, we've watched family movies using a 7" portable DVD player) if I've calculated this right, with our solar panels we should be able to watch TV all day if we wanted to, or at night we should have at least three hrs of TV time without running the batteries down too much. By this time tomorrow we'll know for sure.
Also on the home front, on Monday the temp dipped down to the magical number of 19, causing us to not only freeze water in the traps of our gray water line, but also bust the cold water line to our kitchen and extra bathroom. Hopefully the hot water side will be ok the rest of the winter, and not give us any troubles.
Since it is way late, and the day will start at sun up, I better go and get what little sleep I can.

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