Sunday, October 10, 2010

Never a dull moment in the sticks...

We had our neighbor call us this morning to ask some advice. I guess sometime in the early morning her dogs started to go all crazy. So she got up grabbed her gun and went to investigate. That's when she noticed someone hiding in the bushes on her property.
She jumped on her quad and went to confront the person. It appears that he didn't speak much English, but he was cut up pretty bad, and had some dried blood on his hands and legs. She escorted him down the road and showed him which direction to walk to get help. (he didn't really want help for his injuries, she said. Just wanted money. And refused for her to call the authorities)
She called us to see if we had heard anything that would piece this all together. A quick call to DPS and we found out that there was a car accident at the nearest exit on the freeway, the night before, but all people had been counted for... They think. Without saying so much, they lead us to believe that there may have been a couple of foreigners in the bunch, that would like to not be caught in our state without the proper paperwork...
So tonight, we are all on a bit of an edge letting our dogs do, what they do, so well...

The commentary on this series of events, never take a bark for granted, always be prepared, and although we live in the sticks, we still have to worry about foot traffic!

My insanity on display

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