Thursday, October 7, 2010

Decided to take the family out to a fancy dinner...

So on the way back from the truck stop, we decided to take what was suppose to be a short cut. It wasn't. But the only thing that didn't make it back home with us was a backup light. So I am counting myself lucky.

Today was a somewhat productive day. I've been wanting to tear into the conex for sometime now. Its been just way too hot to clean it out. Not today though, and I was able to go through all my tools and put them back were they belong. About time. In doing so I also made enough room to relocate the batteries, charge controllers, and inverter inside there as well. Having them closer to the house will make our little solar system a lot more efficient. And we'll have enough room for at least 20 batteries!

We also went though and made a game plan for this winters projects. Starting with completing the roof system over the Conex, which will allow us to install all our solar panels and also keep some of the water out of our living room. Second would be moving the batteries and accessories into the Conex. Third is an old/new generator that will be getting a new home out here. We'll have to build a bunker to place it in, so that no moron will be able to walk away with it. We also have a 35 gallon gas tank that will be hooked up to it, that has a gas gauge so we'll always know how much we have. The final project for this winter will be to finish the saloon.

All that and I would like to have a new heater installed in the Jeep, and the living room insulated and finished...

Are you as tired as I am after that list?

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