Friday, August 27, 2010

Nothing exciting ever happens here...

Unless you have to be someplace early in the morning. We were awaken by the mother of all storms tonight. Of course we have to be in Prescott at 8am for little ones gymnastic competition. Rain, hail, thunder, so much lightning it looks like a strobe light is on.
So much rain in fact that the wash is running. That means that our 2wd blazer may be stuck down here, and with five people having to go, we'll never fit everyone in our Jeep. So disappointing for little one. So will have to wait till 5 am and see just how bad the roads are... And maybe a bit of shoveling is in order to get the job done...
Oh and so much rain in so little time, that we have sprung several leaks in our roof... Oh yea, we're roughing it now!

My insanity on display

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