Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some real life data

It isn't hot today, but it is clear. So I took a few readings of the outside and inside of the west wall, it is late afternoon, 4pm. It does look as though the radiant barrier (which I might double to add a bit of R-value) is going to do a nice job keeping the heat out.

Another improvement, will also be a coating of Henery's Envirowhite roof coating, which will added to the R-19 that will be on the ceiling, with luck this summer will be comfortable.
My insanity on display!

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  1. Just realized that I forgot to add the data for the inside of our home built door, with an outside temp of 148, it only showed 80 inside. The door consists of Smartside outer shell, Reflectix, and 7/16 OSB on the inside.