Monday, March 22, 2010

A post weekend update...

This past weekend we spent some time working and playing at the ranch. Friday we slept in, then got back to work on spring cleaning. I thought we really let things get out of hand this winter, but from the oher blogs I've read I see we're not alone in this chore.
Saturday we had two bithdays to celebrate, so between working on the new living digs, we had lunch, cake, and opened presents... Unfortunatly I was busy working while the women folk played games all afternoon... hey don't get mad at me, it's the truth.
So we were able to finish the plumbing in the new bathroom, and get to start the wireing next time I have a day off. With luck the bathroom will be complete by months end.
Weather wise it couldn't get better. Mid 70's all day, high 40's all night, it does look like spring is here.

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