Monday, February 15, 2010

Late winter update

Well we are quickly approaching the one year mark in our off grid adventure. After eight months we have delt with the hottest days of Aug and Sept. And are now past the coldest days of Dec and Jan. So far we have only had minor problems and upsets.
Although construction of a more comfortable living area has been slow, our optimisim is at an all time high. Taking what we have learned from our small solar system, we are about to put in one that will be large enough to keep us more in touch with the rest of the world... Yep we are DVR bound!
So excited!
We have also come a long way with landscaping. We have moved most of the clutter away from the buildings, and planted several trees, building planters around them to keep them from being someones dinner. Next on the list will be adding two water catchment systems before the next monsoon season.
Not to shappy for working full time, and home schooling!

My insanity on display!