Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just a little excitement

Had a small scare tonight. While the generator was on, we smelled, what appeared to be an electrical fire. After some investigating it turned out to be an auxilary battery charger we had set up. Just one more thing to be aware of out here in the wilderness....

Other than that, we did get some bad news from a neighbor, after almost a year battle after a stroke, our neighbors husband died this morning. He was a good neighbor, although I never met him, the wife worked with him on several purchases at Home Depot. I'm sure she will need some help and neighborly socializing. It is different living out here when it is two or more people, then when you're by yourself. I realize also that this is not cut out for everyone. Some people need constant interaction with others, I personally don't need that, and those who know me can contest to that also!