Friday, July 10, 2009

The work continues...

Still working on the road. Had a chance today to drag it a bit, and move some of the larger rocks out of the way. I'm sure that our trucks can make it, but not sure how well or how many times.

I did however meet two local cowboys (and I am not just saying that, they really are ranch hands who take care of the several hundred heads of cattle in the area) the strom we had last week caused more trouble for them, than us. The cattle gards that keep the cattle confined to certain areas were filled in with sand. So several heads are at this time missing. I told them that I saw some around the corner and that I would keep my eyes open for the rest. I was also able to get their cell (I know, a cowboy with a cell sounds strange to me also) and would call if I ran into them.

The whole exchange is just a little starnge to me. They did say that their job is to ride the fence line, (our back property line) and that they have always thought our little village was a neat idea. I guess that does validate us a bit...

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