Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just some random thoughts.

Life outside of town.

I'm sitting here on the pavillion making breakfest on the grill. We have a nice breeze the dogs are sleeping, we have Mark and Brian on the radio. Life out here is really not that different.

And with that said, I've been up since 4 am because of a pack of coyotes who came down to check things out. They were hoot'n and howl'n which is what woke me up. So I got up got the gun walked outside, to find three of the dogs cowering by the trailer. The old lady was walking around patorling the yard, farthest from our visitors mind you. But that was this morning.

Now it's after midnight, thunder storms are moving through. No rain just a light show. It is about 70 outside. A little warmer inside but not much. Yep, I think I like it out here. And who knows what it will be like in a years time...