Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some random thoughts

I've been on the fence with this move, and quite honest the drive into town was the biggest set back for me. Although the drive is less than 30 mi. I find myself thinking in terms of it taking all day to drive into town.
For those in the know, where we lived in SoCal, it was a 62 mi. drive for me to work, one way! We did all our shopping in Val Vista and Hemet which was a 33 mi. drive!
I guess the difference is just in my own twisted head. We could have done our shopping Perris, which was five miles down the road. Instead we chose to make the drive.
We would think nothing of going for coffee in Riverside, again a fourty-five mile drive. But something happened in the last three years. We had everything at our fingertips. The longest drive was ten miles.
On the other hand I wonder if the ideal that we are living some place that for the last ten years was used as a vacation spot for us, is the reason it feels so far away.
Either way, we're here now. time to get over it, and enjoy our new home. So were are the keys to the quad, and my gun. Let's go have some fun!