Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of the day wrap-up

Well, as I posted earlier, the dogs came back this morning. Yea. At least my little one and wife are happy about it. They love those two dogs.

Myself, well now I have to finish the fence from hell. We have about 3/4 of the posts dug, only a few more to go. Then we get the joy of planting the posts and hanging the wire. Still not sure how we are going to make the gates, but we'll think of something.

Also on the home front. Still haven't had a chance to set up the tv, not really sure if we'll get and signal out here. I'll have to work on that in my spare time.

So far though the bunny is healthy and still alive. The dogs are doing great (they haven't barked since we brought them out here!) and the family is setteling in. Living off the grid is a different experiance. You notice a lot of different things, sounds seem to be louder, and night is not always that dark.

Yep I think we may just like it out here. Now off to sleep I go, after I watch a little of tv, oh dam I forgot, I can't no power!