Sunday, May 31, 2009

Every ranch needs at least four.

It's been the norm for everyone to have at least four dogs in our area. They scare off the mountain lions and bob cats, wild pigs, and the bears (yes we have black bear out there)not to mention all the activity will scare off the rats, snakes, and to some degree the coyotes.

So to add to our two labs we got these two... Lexi and Bear, I think they'll make a good pair of ranch dogs. Now all I have to do is build a dog kennel.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Prioities have changed

Power is still number one. Next up is storage, looking for two twenty foot storage containers. Need those to securly lock up and store my tools alone. Second to moving everything out there will be finishing the bathroom. Total monies needed in the first six months is growing, we've passed the fifteen thousand mark!
so trimming down the six month plan is in the near future!

Today was a clear the head day. Took a drive to williams to check out the Disney train and have lunch. Tomarrow starts moving cars!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The tough choices

Just found out from the power company that total cost for power is approx 25K to the property line (does not count the 1/2 mile driveway) plus a monthly fee of $250-275 not counting the power used! So for now power is out of the question! Looks like we go off the grid also.

Looking into alternative power now, so far the cost is half! I'll have some better quotes in a few days.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here is another tidbit

Quick promotional video of our new home.

Just wanted to give everyone a feel for what we gaining.

The full view of my insanity

Just a quick look at our new home.

The Purpose of the blog....

Hello everyone.

I'm going to chronicle the move my family is about to make. We are leaving the comforts of living in the city of Kingman Az for the wide open spaces of 80 acres 30 miles outside of town. The nearest neighbor is a half a mile away. No services, living off the grid.
We are leaving our house, allowing it to go into foreclosure. We are taking with us nine cars, a trailer, two quads an 8x10 wooden shed, 14ft trampoline, and a 12' tall steel swing set. Not to mention everything in our house and garage. It's going to be one hell of a move! Did I mention it has to take place in three months and I have to finish building our house seen in the picture above?
Insane I know. But we gain more room, and the freedom to build what we want and how we want it. So as things begin to start rolling, I'll post the progress and, and the headaches here.